Highlands Ranch family targeted in yard sign pranks gets tickets to President Obama's inauguration

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. - A Colorado family that got involved in the presidential race last fall has won tickets to see President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Rachel and Pete Surette, of Highlands Ranch, and their two children, were Obama supporters who got a little frustrated during the election.

Rachel says the family kept putting an Obama sign in their front yard and it kept getting stolen.

"We explained to our kids to keep true to your beliefs and not to be intimidated by this," said Rachel.

One day they awoke to a yard of Romney signs.

Rachel said she got mad. But as she started putting the signs in her garage, she decided to turn her anger into a learning experience for her kids.

"At this point, none of our neighbors had campaign signs out, so we decided to go door-to-door and sell these Romney signs to get people involved in the process, no matter what they believed," said Rachel.

Rachel said they sold like hot cakes at $2 each.

"My kids, ages 4 and 8, even helped people put them in the ground," wrote Rachel. "We were determined to take a bad thing that happened to us into a good thing for others!!!!"

Rachel said the family took the $20 they made and donated half to each campaign.

"This upset our kids, but we explained it was the right thing to do," Rachel said. "Good things come to those who do what is right."

The Surettes took their son to an Obama rally in the fall, took both kids to vote with them and on election night, the family stayed up to watch the returns.

After the election, Rachel said they filled out a form on Colorado Senator Mark Udall's website for a lottery for tickets to the inauguration.

In January, they found out they didn't win, but were put on a waiting list.

A few days ago, they got the email they were hoping for.

"I got an email from Mark Udall's office that we were chosen off the waiting list since others couldn't come," Rachel wrote. "WE COULDN'T BELIEVE OUR LUCK!!!"

The family is excited to be in Washington to see the president take the oath of office, to celebrate Martin Luther King Junior Day, national day of service and the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation.

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