Highlands Ranch family describes frightening ride on Disney cruise ship

Hurricane Sandy caused damage on board ship

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. - Flooding. Falling furniture. A wild ride.


A Highlands Ranch family just returned from a cruise they said they won't soon forget because of Hurricane Sandy.


"It was just terrifying," said Jamie McNamara.


McNamara and her family of five were among those onboard Disney's Fantasy cruise ship last week. After a stop in St. Thomas, Hurricane Sandy threatened the rest of the ship's trip. The McNamara's said instead of waiting out the storm, the ship's captain decided to follow the storm back to Port Canaveral, Florida.


The family said the real nightmare happened the night of Friday, Oct. 26 when the ship felt the storm's impact.


"The size of the ship and the way we were moving we were obviously in the hurricane," said Jamie's husband, Brian. "Things are falling off shelves. We're going left and right and my children are fearing for their lives."


Jamie said she was frightened too.  


"At one point we were so far over that I thought water was going to come up on our veranda," said Jamie.


Other passengers recorded video and snapped pictures of the damage the wild ride caused. Among the damage onboard the ship was broken furniture and store shelves.


7NEWS asked Disney what the policy is during a storm situation. A spokeswoman said it is up to the ship captain to determine the safest route of travel when dealing with a hurricane. The spokeswoman went on to say passenger safety was never compromised.


A cruise expert said because Sandy was hundreds of miles wide it may have been harder for the captain to avoid feeling the storm.


Upset passengers have now created a Facebook group detailing their frightening ride. The McNamara's said they the captain should have made a better decision especially considering thousands of children were on the ship .


The family now wants an apology and admission that the captain made the wrong decision.


"You're cruising Disney and you have a thousand kids onboard this trip," said Jamie McNamara. 

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