High Park Fire survivor gets helps rebuilding his cabin near Bellvue

BELLVUE, Colo. - A 76-year-old man and his dog are getting ready to move back into their home in the High Park Fire burn area.

The man identified only Charlie has lived in the mountains west of Fort Collins for most of his life, but his was one of the 250+ homes lost in the wildfire in June 2012.

Charlie was uninsured, so he and his dog moved into a nearby trailer and started rebuilding.

"Taking matters into his own hands, Charlie began logging beetle kill trees on his property and hauling them to his son’s sawmill down the road," according to the NoCo Rebuilding Network.

In December, a team of volunteers armed with donations help Charlie put up the roof trusses.

"Charlie didn’t ask for anything," said NCRN’s Dave Abramoff. "He’s a hard-working and soft-spoken man that just wants to rebuild his log cabin. I’m so grateful that we crossed paths with him so that we could help him achieve that goal."

The NoCo Rebuilding Network is a local non-profit comprised of firefighters, builders, architects, residents, and businesses for the purpose of coming together as a community and helping survivors rebuild in Larimer County.