@HiddenCash idea sweeps Boulder

People find envelopes of money in Boulder

Boulder, Colo. - The hidden cash craze that started in the San Francisco Bay area on Twitter has made its way to Boulder.

On Wednesday an anonymous group started hiding envelopes containing $40 in cash around town and tweeting clues to their locations using the twitter handle @HiddenCashCo. 

The first clue tweeted said: "It's our very first clue! See our town in red, white, and blue. Two wheels will make you wise. In the bottom of a basket, find the prize." Marni Ratzel later found the envelope in a B-cycle basket.

Josh Montague tweeted a picture of the cupcakes he bought his office after finding the second envelope taped to a statue downtown.

"They just had it stuck right there, big old purple tape.  It was 40 bucks and it said hidden cash in Colorado and said if you get this, open it and take a picture and tweet a selfie with the money and tag @hiddencashco," said Kirsten Duncan who found the sixth and final envelope taped to a door at the Boulder Theater.

By Wednesday night @HiddenCashCO had more than 1,700 followers. "Who's behind this?" 7NEWS reporter Molly Hendrickson asked two girls looking for money.

"I have no idea, but it's awesome," they replied.

It turns out, it's a group of people who want to remain anonymous.  They told 7NEWS they saw the hidden cash craze take off in the California area and thought why not here.

"We just really wanted to pay it forward.  We talked about how we could get in on that idea and spread a little happiness around town, around Boulder.  We all got together and pooled a little money and started hiding little envelopes of cash in a couple of places," one organizer said.

The organizers said it was fun to watch people connect over twitter and watch their followers grow as more people learned about what they were doing.

"People were making friends and using the hashtag pay it forward and it just has been more successful than we ever imagined."

@HiddenCashCO will tweet more clues on Thursday to lead people to more hidden money.  They said they may even travel outside the city this time.

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