Hickenlooper tours Manitou Springs flood zone damage

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Gov. John Hickenlooper toured the flood zone in Manitou Springs, Wednesday evening.  

The governor visited several damaged neighborhoods by car as well as a collapsed road on Highway 24.   He described the damage simply as "devastation."

The governor was joined by Manitou Springs Mayor Marc Snyder and other elected officials.

He also met with several residents who expressed concern over current construction, insurance claims and a loss of tourism.

"It's like a flow of cement coming down.  It only takes a foot or so and it will sweep you away," he said. 

Hickenlooper said his office is looking at both state and federal assistance for the region.

"We're going to help rebuild.  We're going to try to figure out some engineering solutions."

City officials said they still can’t pinpoint an exact dollar amount on the damage but hope to have estimates soon.

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