Heightened security planned after school threats at Weld Central High School in Keenesburg

KEENESBURG, Colo. - The Weld County Sheriff's Office said there will be "heightened" security at Weld Central High School this week after five students were arrested in a suspected school violence plot.

The first two teenagers were arrested one week ago after an alleged threat involving Weld Central High School.

On Tuesday, investigators said several juvenile suspects were identified as co-conspirators in the alleged threat and two were taken into custody on charges of interference with staff, faculty, or students of an educational institution.

Hours later, a third juvenile was booked into the Platte Valley Youth Detention Center on the same charge.

Deputies at the time said the investigation was ongoing.

Friday, deputies arrested two more students.

"During the late afternoon hours on 05-16-14, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputy, stationed at Weld Central High School, learned of possible juvenile suspects who were threatening to continue a plan of school violence that had been discovered earlier in the week," the Weld County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

Investigators said the students arrested Friday "were not part of the initial plan that was discovered earlier in the week although all the juvenile suspects are associated as being members of a group they identify as a 'gang.'"

"The two suspects arrested overnight are believed to have been trying to pick up where their three friends had left off when they were arrested earlier in the week," investigators said.

Investigators are not releasing any details about the threats and are not releasing the names of the juvenile suspects.

Students told 7NEWS a group of freshman were threatening to 'shoot up the school.' The sheriff's office will not identify the students because they are minors.

"That night I got a phone call ... saying there’s a threat at the school. So my parents didn’t let me go because they felt I’d be in a dangerous situation," said Junior Spencer Gallegos. "The kids that did go, I talked to them and they said there was only like two to maybe five kids in every class."

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office said it will continue to provide heightened security measures through the end of Weld Central’s school year.

"Obviously anytime you have something of this nature, it's hard to make parents or students feel there's no additional threats to the school. We have taken all appropriate steps, including adding additional manpower and continue to investigate to make sure anyone who has ill-will toward the school has been identified," said Sheriff's Office Spokesman Steve Reams. "If students don’t feel safe or have additional concerns, we urge them to come forward so it can be investigated."

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