State Senator John Morse fights recall effort over gun control support

DENVER - A Colorado lawmaker is fighting the recall effort against him.

During a hearing Thursday, Democratic attorneys argued the recall petition for Senate President John Morse was improperly worded and must be thrown out.

Lawyers for Morse's opponents say the language has been used for years and that the petition's wording was certified by the Secretary of State's office.

"Some sort of magic language demanding for the election of the successor? We think that is an absurd proposition," said Richard Westfall, legal counsel for Morse's opponents.

The group easily cleared a threshold of signatures needed to force the first recall election of a state lawmaker since Colorado adopted the recall in 1912.

Gun-rights activists launched the Morse recall push because of Morse's support for new gun control laws including a limit on ammunition magazines.

State Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo is also fighting a recall effort. She has made a similar appeal based on petition language.

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