Hash oil production blamed for house explosion in Littleton Saturday night

2 children placed with other family members

LITTLETON, Colo. - An explosion at a home in Littleton Saturday was the result of hash oil production.

There were two adults, one man and one woman, as well as two children present during the explosion, according to Mark Techmeyer with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The man was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive.

The investigation is still ongoing.

There are possible charges of arson and child abuse, depending on what the investigation uncovers. Crews have not been able to interview the man due to his injuries.

The two children have been taken from the home by Child Protection Services and placed with other family members.

Hash oil is made by using butane to extract the psychoactive chemical THC from marijuana, producing a potent concentrate. Colorado and other states around the country have seen a rash of explosions linked to hash oil production in homes.

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