Hash oil linked to yet another house explosion, this time in Leadville, on Monday afternoon

LEADVILLE - Hash oil production is being blamed for yet another explosion in a home, this time in Leadville.

Although no one was home at the time of the explosion Monday afternoon, the Lake County Office of Emergency Management says butane was being used to extract THC from marijuana there.

"This is a hazardous process because the butane can easily find an ignition source and rapidly ignite causing an explosion," the OEM wrote in a Facebook post.

In just the last week, hash oil production was blamed for an explosion in a Littleton home, outside a Denver warehouse and was cited as a possible cause of an explosion in a Denver home Monday morning.

"There is an additional process called 'winterizing' where the product is kept in a freezer for a period of time. In this case the butane left in an extraction tube leaks out and finds an ignition source," Lake County OEM wrote. "Butane is heavier than air so it could be ignited by the refrigerator compressor or the gas oven nearby."

No injuries were reported in this case, but the explosion blew out windows of the home and wrecked the kitchen. Photos posted by the OEM show the yellow oil on wrinkled wax paper in a baking pan and the door that was apparently blown off the refrigerator.

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