Handyman accused of fraud in Arvada

Matthew Chisholm under arrest in Wyoming

ARVADA, Colo. - The Arvada Police are looking for residents who may have been victims of fraud.

Police said Matthew Chisholm, 30, posed as a handyman and tree trimmer with a stolen U-Haul truck and equipment he rented and later pawned. He would contact customers to perform tree trimming or household repairs and then disappear with the money, never performing the services, according to police.

Chisholm defrauded an elderly couple of $2,500 by agreeing to do work on their residence and failing to follow through. The Arvada Police are looking for other potential victims.

He is currently under arrest in Rock Springs, Wyo., for an active warrant issued for the  Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of motor vehicle theft. 

Arvada police are continuing their investigation into the alleged fraud.  If you hired Chisholm to do contract work, please contact the Arvada Police at 720-898-6900.

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