Ha=lo Project seeks help tracking, catching three service dogs on the loose in Larimer County

Dogs bolted during transfer from trainer's house

LOVELAND, CO - The co-director of the Ha=Lo Project at First United Methodist Church in Loveland is asking for help tracking down and catching three service dogs that bolted from their trainer early Sunday.

The dogs were being trained at a home on Starry Night Road just west of North Poudre Reservoir #15 in Larimer county.

Cathrun Bray of the Ha=Lo Project told 7NEWS that the trainer was taking them to another trainer's house when the dogs ran off.

"They were spotted running together early Monday, so at least they're still in good health," Bray said.  "They were last seen in the area around Country Road 80."

Bray said "Bravo," a brown, 14-month-old Standard Poodle, is being trained for a paraplegic who has been overlooked many times because she is not considered handicapped enough.

"Bravo is shaved and has a collar and tag," Bray said.

"Piccolo" is a 9-month-old black Golden Doodle, and "Aruba" is a 5-month-old, 30-pound black Standard Poodle.

"The dogs are friendly," Bray said. "They'll come up to you."

She said they're running in a wide open area of Northern Larimer County and they need help looking for them and catching them.

If you spot the dogs, contact Bray at 970-988-7295.

The HA=LO Project is an outreach community effort to serve those who are often overlooked for receiving a service dog.

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