Half acre Flagstaff Mountain fire caused by Boulder residents losing control of a yard waste burn

BOULDER - A fire broke out in Boulder County Tuesday after residents near the base of Flagstaff Mountain lost control of a yard waste burn.

"The fire was quickly contained to approximately half an acre and it was extinguished," said a press release from the Boulder County Sheriff's office.

Four agencies responded to the fire: the Boulder Fire Department, the Police Department, the Sheriff's office and Rocky Mountain Fire Department. After determining that the cause was nearby residents burning garden slash, the agencies took the opportunity to educate the residents about fire safety. No charges were filed.

Boulder County requires a permit to burn yard waste. The last fire ban in the County ended in July 2013, but vegetation remains dry and flammable, and an unattended yard fire can easily ignite surrounding brush and endanger homes and lives. Instead of burning yard waste, the county suggests that residents drop off their materials at a local sort yard.

In 2012, a lightning strike started a wildfire south of Flagstaff Mountain and burned 230 acres.

The majority of Colorado remains in "abnormally dry" conditions and several southeastern counties continue to experience "exceptional drought."

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