Guns, police badges, technical gear stolen from Denver police officer's home

Police: Thief breaches window for entry

DENVER - Denver police issued a metro-wide alert early Wednesday after learning that a burglar broke into an officer’s home and stole multiple weapons, safety gear and badges.

They say they’re concerned that the thief may be planning to impersonate an officer.

Department spokesman Sonny Jackson did not identify the officer nor give the address of the break in. He simply said it happened Tuesday in southwest Denver.

Jackson said it appears that the burglar gained entry by breaching a window.

When asked if the thief targeted the home because an officer lived there, or if was a random hit, Jackson said, “We don’t know.  That’s something we’re trying to figure out.”

He also declined to elaborate on the specific types or exact number of weapons stolen.

“Anytime somebody steals a gun,” he said, “our main concern is what are they going to do with them? Why did they steal them?”

When asked if officers are required to keep weapons locked up in a safe, Jackson replied, “We always train them to keep weapons in a safe area for their family’s and for the public’s safety.”

Jackson said he didn’t know if the officer, whose home was burglarized, had locked up his weapons. He said it may not have made much difference.

“When (a burglar) goes into a house, they may have time to breach any weapon or breach any safe,” he said. Those kinds of things happen.”

Jackson said the thief entered the home by breaching a window.

He said the burglar also took some ammunition, protective gear and several badges.

“The badges are a big issue,” Jackson said, “because we don’t want somebody out there impersonating an officer.”

He said investigators are talking to witnesses and are following up leads.

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