Gun rights group hosts 'A Farewell to Arms' Freedom Festival

No listing of group with Colo Secretary of State

GLENDALE, Colo. - Nearly 5,000 people showed up for "A Farewell to Arms" Freedom Festival, hosted by Free Colorado, a group that claims it's a non-profit organization registered in Colorado and that it advocates for the rights of gun owners.

The event was held at Infinity Park, 4599 East Tennessee Ave., from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The event marked Coloradans’ last chance to celebrate the ability to own standard capacity magazines prior to new Colorado laws taking effect on July 1st.  Political commentator Dana Loesch, keynote for the event, arrived on the "Colorado Airlift", a magazine-dropping helicopter.

Magpul donated 20,000 high-capacity magazines.  The first 1,500 were given away, and the remaining were sold for $10 each.  If they sell out, the non-profit stands to make about $185,000 with another $25,000 in ticket sales, giving the non-profit a lot of ammo as it prepares for political battle.

"We will be fighting hard, particularly in these recall elections but also moving forward in order to effectively advocate to repeal these laws," said Kelly Aher of "Free Colorado."

The battle has already begun.  Senator John Morse is facing recall for his support of tougher gun laws in Colorado.  If people at the event have it their way, he won't be the last.

"I hope the politicians are watching.  We're here to show them that we don't appreciate the gun laws that they just enacted," said festival attendee, Dan Listul.

Magpul has said it will leave Colorado and take its business to another state. 

"Anytime you have a cause you need to show up and do something for it, otherwise it's not gonna make a change," said attendee Wade Eppler.

Additional speakers at the event included Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon, State Sen. Greg Brophy, KHOW Radio Personality Michael Brown, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke, and State Sen. Ted Harvey.

All money from this event will be used to promote 2nd Amendment Rights in Colorado.  Proceeds will go to the legislator recall(s).  The "Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival" is the launch of the City of Glendale’s "Year of Freedom".

A check of the Colorado Secretary of State's business records shows no listing for an organization called "Free Colorado" and there is no contact information the group's website.  The domain name is registered with a proxy service to hide the owner's contact information.


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