Gun rights advocates launch ad urging residents to take action against Senator Morse

DENVER - Colorado’s state senate president, who already faces a recall election in September, is now being called a puppet for an East Coast agenda in a new commercial.

The 30 second ad produced by the National Association for Gun Rights asks “Who’s pulling John Morse’s Strings?”

The answer, it suggests, is the senator is being manipulated by East Coast politicians and failing to stand up for residents in his district in Colorado Springs.

“In the state senate, Morse is taking his marching orders from East Coast politicians like billionaire New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is trying to ban guns, salt and big gulps in New York and is bringing his radical agenda to Colorado Springs,” the ad says.

The ad urges residents to call Morse’s office and say no to East Coast politics.

"We believe it's important that the citizens of Colorado understand how he was manipulated by Mayor Bloomberg and his organization Mayors against guns," said Dudley Brown, of the NAGR.

“This is a Colorado issue, always been a Colorado issue, so it's interesting when people say it's outside interest groups," Morse said. "It's actually Colorado spreading its wings to the rest of the country not the other way around."

7NEWS checked with the Secretary of State and found an organization supporting Morse, called "A Whole Lotta People for John Morse," has taken in about $20,000 from America Votes. That organization's funding is unclear, but they publicly partner with several other liberal organizations like Sierra Club, several unions and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

The NY Daily News reported in February 2012 that Bloomberg planned to donate $250,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Morse and Pueblo Sen. Angela Giron are facing recalls over their support for new gun restrictions during the last legislative session.

George Rivera is a republican hoping to unseat Giron over her support for gun legislation that expands background checks and limits the size of ammunition magazines. 

According to the Denver Post, former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin turned in signatures to challenge Senator Morse during the recall election.

The recall elections will held be on September 10. 

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