Gun advocates want to flood Colorado with large-capacity gun magazines before lawmakers set limits

Longmont man started 'Operation Mountain Standard'

BOULDER, Colo. - Gun advocates are trying to flood Colorado with large-capacity gun magazines before a potential ban is enacted, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

"Operation Mountain Standard" is planning an event March 16 at Boulder Gunsport.  Organizers are asking out-of-state gun suppliers to donate magazines, primarily high-capacity magazines, for the fundraiser.

People 21 and older will get a handgun magazine for $10 at the event, organizers told the Camera.  Eligible people who donate $20 will get a rifle magazine (limit of two magazines per donor.)

Longmont resident Savant Suykerbuyk, 25, started "Operation Mountain Standard" in an effort to pre-empt a move by state lawmakers to ban the sale of gun magazines that carry more than 15 rounds of ammunition.

Donations will go to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Colorado's largest in-state gun lobby, Suykerbuyk told the Camera.

Gunsport is only providing the venue, and its staff will not be involved in the event, organizers say.