Grenades found during Longmont traffic stop; Suspects linked to others arrested Wednesday

Heroin, burglary, credit card fraud all linked

LONGMONT, Colo. - A credit union and a chiropractic clinic were evacuated in Longmont while a bomb squad investigated grenades found during a traffic stop.

According to Commander Jeff Satur, of the Longmont Police Department, Bernardo Rodriquez and Jessica Radford were in the car and stopped at 21st and Terry while headed to Rodriquez's home. As the vehicle was searched, a fragmentation grenade, a smoke grenade and four stolen BMW airbags were found. Both grenades appeared to have their safety pins intact, Satur said.

Rodriquez and Radford were arrested.

As of 5:30 p.m., the bomb squad had made the fragmentation grenade safe. They are continuing to work on the other items, including the airbags. Satur said the airbags could be set off by static electricity.

Later, after police were contacted by a home owner, Satur said police confirmed the grenades were stolen in a burglary of a home on the 2200 block of Meadow. The owner told police the fragmentation grenade was inert but the smoke grenade was live.

Satur said the bomb squad are still working to determine if the fragmentation grenade was, in fact, inert.

Other items were reported missing from the same burglary, but Satur said officers hadn't found any of them in the car.

Before the grenades were found, police were already searching the home Rodriquez shared with Dana Sacoman at 2231 Emery St. Satur said they were serving a warrant related to the investigation of a credit card fraud and burglary ring.

Sacoman was arrested at the home.

Additionally, Satur said, a fourth person was arrested after surveillance teams watched him leave the home earlier Wednesday. Michael Chavez was arrested for possession of heroin.

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