Green Economy: Denver hosts marijuana business conference as fight continues over Amendment 64

Gov. Hickenlooper meeting with federal authorities

DENVER - Denver hosts the National Marijuana Business Conference Thursday, less than 48 hours after voters approved marijuana for recreational use.

Business owners and others in the industry planned two days of lectures and discussion about what the ballot measures mean for businesses. Discussions include navigating regulations and banking restrictions, along with tips for handling federal drug raids.

Speakers include the head of the Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project. The project was the biggest funder of recent legalization campaigns in Colorado and Washington state.

The Secretary of State has to certify the election results by December 6th, then the governor has 30 days - until January 5th -  to proclaim Amendment 64 is now part of the constitution.

New marijuana retail stores wouldn't be able to open until January of 2014.

Governor John Hickenlooper hopes to get direction for the U.S. Attorney General Friday.

Two former White House drug policy officials are quoted today saying they do think the federal government will sue to block Colorado from moving forward.

Supporters of Amendment 64 said they're confident they can win what they view as a states rights issue.

As State Attorney General John Suthers said Wednesday, it's the taxation element included in 64 that concerns former Washington drug policy insiders.  That's the section they think the federal government is most likely to challenge.  They do not believe federal authorities will fight the decriminalization of possession one ounce pot.

But there's no deadline for this. The experts tell 7NewsNow federal authorities could wait until businesses are up and running and then sue.

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