Greeley flood warning still in effect Wednesday; water expected to begin receding

GREELEY, Colo. - The flood warning and voluntary evacuations are still in effect in Greeley as the spring runoff continues to push the Cache la Poudre River over its banks.

Some streets in Greeley remain flooded but the water level is expected to begin receding Wednesday, according to 7NEWS Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo.

The water reached 9.16 feet, over a foot above flood stage, around midday Tuesday. The National Weather Service says that's over a foot over flood stage and just above the previous crest record for the river set in 2010.

Early Wednesday, the Poudre River was at 9 feet.

Voluntary evacuation notices still in effect:

  • Evacuation Area 1:  F Street on the north; 2nd Street on the south; 35th Avenue on the west; and 25th Avenue on the east (25th Avenue is not a through street—this boundary would align with 25th Avenue). 
  • Evacuation Area 2:  5th Street on the north (includes addresses on both sides of the street); 7th Street on the south (includes addresses on both sides of the street); 6th Avenue on the west (includes addresses on both sides of the street); and the Poudre River on the east.

Flood damage:

City of Greeley’s Building Inspection Division conducted initial damage assessments Tuesday and reported the following estimates of damage to private residences and businesses:

  • 11 damaged residences - estimated 6 with minor damage and 5 with major damage
  • 12 damaged businesses - estimated 9 with minor damage and 5 with major damage

Road Closures in Greeley:

  • D Street from 11th Avenue to 4th Avenue (Island Grove Park east entrance)
  • 5th Street from Hwy 85 to 5th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue from the Poudre Bridge to 3rd Street
  • 25th Avenue from F Street to O Street
  • 35th Avenue from F to O Street
  • 71st Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 83rd Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 95th Avenue at the Poudre River

Trail, parks and open space closures:

  • The Trail is now closed from 11th Avenue in Greeley west to Windsor.
  • Rover Run Dog Park is closed until further notice.
  • Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery in Greeley is also closed to public access.
  • The Poudre Trail parking lot, trail head and open space at 71st Avenue are closed.
  • Island Grove Park – portions of the park are underwater including the sports fields

The South Platte Basin, which includes the Poudre, is listed as being nearly 300 percent of its average level as of last week.

The water has been high along the Poudre for a week and levels of waterways around the state are expected to remain high for another two weeks or so as the plentiful mountain snowpack melts and fills reservoirs.

Flood information resources:

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