School closures, delays Monday include Greeley-Evans Schools, Park County Schools

GREELEY, Colo. - Several schools are cancelled or starting late Monday because of the adverse conditions.

Greeley-Evans cancelled all classes.

"Because of the cold temperatures and low wind chill, buses are having a difficult time starting and we DO NOT want any children standing out in the cold," Weld County School District 6 said on its website.

The district apologized for the late notice, but felt it was important for students to stay home.

The closure notice was posted on the school district's website and Twitter page.

Arriba-Flagler Consolidated School District #20 also closed its schools for Monday.

Limon School District RE-4J is on delayed opening. Classes will start at 10 a.m.

Park County Schools is on a two hour delay because Highway 285 is closed and many students can not reach their school.

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