Good Samaritans who found woman trapped in car on Hwy 285 come forward

FAIRPLAY, Co - They say they didn't do anything special, but because of their actions, a Highlands Ranch woman is alive today.

A couple from Fairplay just happened to notice an upside-down car in a ravine on the side of Highway 285 and decided to tell someone about it.

"We just happened to look at the right place, at the right time," said Andy Lombard.

They're being called guardian angels. Andy and Hope Lombard spotted Kristin Hopkins' car upside down in a ravine off of Red Hill Pass Sunday.

We were just on our way home from working for the day and we were just driving over the pass," said Andy.

A glare caught the eye of the couple and they stopped.  Andy hiked down the hill and found the car with what he thought was someone dead inside.  That's when the couple drove 7 miles to the sheriff's office in Fairplay to report the crash.  And then, they left.

"This is one of the most miraculous things I've seen," said David Gottschalk, Fairplay Police Chief.

That miracle was Kristin Hopkins, who was trapped in the car, but still alive.

She had been reported missing on April 29.

After she crashed, Hopkins used a red and white umbrella as a distress signal and wrote messages on it.

As the rest of the world heard her incredible story of survival, the Lombards had no idea. Then, Monday, they stopped at the sheriff's office to see what happened with the car they reported.

"She said, 'Well don't you watch the news?' I said, 'no.' And she said, 'Well, she's alive.' Of course I started crying and we never expected to hear that," said Hope.

The couple is too humble to admit they're heroes, but happy they could make a difference.

"Emotions are beyond words, just can't even explain what it feels like," Andy said.

Hopkins has a long recovery ahead of her.  Doctors had to amputate her feet on Monday afternoon.  She remains in critical condition.

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