Good Samaritan rescues 2 young sisters from drowning in Georgetown Reservoir

A good Samaritan rescued two young girls in danger of drowning in Georgetown Reservoir.

Now the girls' mother wants the chance to thank that woman publicly.

“If that lady wouldn’t have been there and wouldn’t have been as brave as she was, my kids would not be here,” said Delonna Stevens.

Stevens was fishing with her two daughters when 10-year-old Jaide Reyes dropped a blanket in the water, according to Steven's boyfriend Andrew Maestas.

Jaide tried to get the blanket and fell in. Her 15-year-old sister Mystic Reyes jumped in to help her and both girls were caught in the current, Maestas said.

Stevens also jumped into the reservoir but couldn't reach the girls.

"There was a lady on some kind of paddle boat who went out after the girls and saved them both," Maestas said. "We have no name of this brave and wonderful hero who saved their lives."

The girls were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to be treated for hypothermia.

"They have since been released and our home well and safe because of that lady," Maestas said. "I really wish I was in a way to recognize her for her bravery and show her our gratitude."

If you know anything about the woman who rescued the two girls, please contact Lindsey Watts.

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