Golden Police are looking for David Reathman after finding his wife, Barbara Reathman, dead

GOLDEN, Colo. - Golden Police are looking for a man whose wife was found dead on Monday.

Relatives called police to check on David Wayne Reathman, who lives at 431 Zeta Street. Relatives said they were concerned that the terminally ill man might be dead.

When officers arrived, they went into the home and found the body of a woman.

Golden Police said the victim was Barbara Reathman. Investigators said they don't know the 70-year-old woman's cause of death, but they did say her death appears suspicious.

Neighbors said they saw Wayne about 2 hours before police found his wife.

"I saw Wayne about 12:10 yesterday afternoon walking his dog," said neighbor Tim Erickson.

Neighbors said they haven't seen Barbara for several days.

"I never saw them together.  Their car hasn't been there for about three days," said another neighbor who wished to remain anonymous.

On Tuesday, Golden police wore hazmat suits as they bagged evidence and processed the scene for DNA.  Police said Barbara's body had no signs of trauma but they are calling it a suspicious death.

"Right now we want to speak to Mr. Reathman who may be able to help us as a possible witness to this case," said Golden Police PIO Daryl Hollingsworth.

7NEWS has confirmed Reathman and his wife were retired.  Wayne Reathman had worked at the Jefferson County Jail as a civilian employee for four years.  He oversaw inmates in the work program until he retired last year.

Neighbors told 7NEWS he was cordial and kept to himself.

"I don't think he would've done anything wrong because like I said, he was a loving husband.  Never had any problems with him," said neighbor David Erickson.

Police are now looking for Mr. Reathman. He is a 65-year-old white man. He is six feet tall, weighs 230 pounds and has gray hair and hazel eyes.

Anyone with information about Mr. Reathman is asked to call the Golden Police Department at 303-384-8045.

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