Golden couple suspects pellet gun sniper when their car window shatters in Coal Creek Canyon

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - What started as a scenic drive through Coal Creek Canyon ended with a shattered car window.

Christina Henderson was in the backseat with her dog as her husband drove up Highway 72, when one of the rear-side windows shattered.

"Pop!" said Henderson. "It sounded kind of like a rock hit the car, but my husband said that he knew it was a gun."

It's clear something small pierced the bottom of the back window, but she could not find any pellet or fragment. Both Henderson and her husband are sure it was not a rock.

"We went home. We didn't want to stay out there. I don't know, maybe they're just sitting out there targeting cars," said Henderson. "They could honestly kill somebody or have a car wreck happen."

In November, 7NEWS profiled other drivers who also believed their windows were shot out. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office received multiple reports from drivers on C-470 near Alameda and along Highway 285 near Highway 8. Another driver on E-470 near Denver International Airport also believed her shattered driver-side window was caused by someone shooting at her car.

"I just don't want it to happen to someone else," said Henderson. "Then there's going to be that one person you hear about on the news that flew off the canyon road because someone shot a stupid pellet gun at their car."

Henderson said there are two homes near the area where her car window shattered. She said she spoke with a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy about what happened, hoping they could warn the homeowners or see if they knew anyone who might be shooting near their properties.

"I guess they can't go to the house and start knocking on doors and being like, 'Hey, who shot a gun,'" said Henderson.

After 7NEWS' initial report in November, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said it received multiple new reports from other drivers who said their windows were also shattered in similar areas. On Thursday night, a spokesman for the sheriff's office said he had not heard of any recent reports.

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