Frustrating morning for some passengers at DIA

Storm cancellations cause some passenger angst

DENVER - Sunday proved to be a busy day at Denver International Airport after a weekend of more than 600 flight cancellations because of a winter storm.

Charles Gernazian and his girlfriend Tonia thought they were doing the right thing by getting to the airport more than two hours before their Sunday morning flight. The couple ended up missing their flight because they stood in line about two hours.

"They had so many people and did not know what to do, " said Gernazian.

The airport was so busy Sunday morning, the first day of full operations after the storm, officials were telling passengers to arrive two hours early for their flights. Many passengers who missed flights or were cancelled from another day found it difficult to get booked on new flights because many were already full.

 Joanne Davidson and her family of eight were fortunate and got booked on an afternoon flight Sunday after their Saturday flight was cancelled.

"I was truly glad not to fly yesterday," Davidson said.  "I thought the weather was nice to stay on the ground." 

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