Frontier Airlines bomb threat suspect is being held in federal custody at Denver Health

Mark Michael Bote of Thornton facing charges

DENVER - The man suspected of making a bomb threat on a Denver-bound Frontier Airlines flight is being held at Denver Health Medical Center.

7NEWS confirmed 23-year-old Mark Michael Bote is in federal custody, but he remains at Denver Health until his first federal court appearance on Tuesday afternoon.

Federal charges were filed on Monday. Bote, who lives in Thornton, faces a charge of "false information and threats," a charge specific to aviation.

On Friday night, Frontier Flight 601 from Knoxville to Denver landed at DIA and was taken to a remote part of the airfield after passengers say another passenger made a threat.

"The guy across the aisle from me pulled the flight attendant to the side and told her that he had a bomb in his backpack," said Nick Danneberger.

He said the flight crew took the man's bag and moved it to the back of the plane.

Sources confirmed for 7NEWS that no bomb was found in the bag.

"Before you know it, authorities boarded the plane (and) removed him first. He left the plane in handcuffs," Danneberger said.

Passengers were questioned by FBI agents about the incident.

7NEWS went to Bote's Thornton home. As we were at the front door, his parents drove into the garage, and then a minute later drove out and away.

Danneberger tweeted a photo of the man he identified as the suspect. One of Bote's neighbors looked at the photo and confirmed it was one of the sons of the couple we saw drive into the garage.

Federal agents would not confirm details until after Bote's first court appearance at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. 

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