Free shopping phone apps promise money savings by finding the best deal, but are they accurate?

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Before you decide how to spend your money on Black Friday and beyond, 7NEWS tested some shopping apps. We wanted to see how accurate they were, but more importantly, to see if the will save you money.

ShopSavvy is a free app that allows you to either scan a product's bar code or type in the product number.

The app lets you know how much the item is selling for online and how much you can purchase it at nearby store locations. It also provides reviews for the product and a graph showing the average price of the product over the last few days.

7NEWS found the app fairly accurate, but it did not know about a temporary price cut at Target. We scanned a 55-inch, Samsung LED, 1080p, 120 megahertz television on sale at the Belmar Target for a temporary price cut of $699.99. The store price prior to the price cut was $899.99.

ShopSavvy found the product for sale online and nearby for $897.99, but it did not show us that Target was selling it for $200 less.

The app did have an impressive feature that alerted us to a price match opportunity. When we scanned a Star Wars Lego set, the app popped up an alert that said Target would price match the item. Albeit small, our savings was $4.The app then provided us a link to Target's price match policy.

When we used the free ShopAdvisor app on the 55-inch Samsung television, it also showed us how much the TV was selling for online and how much it was going for at nearby stores. According to ShopAdvisor, the cheapest online price was $897.99 and the cheapest in store price nearby was $899.99.

ShopAdvisor also comes with a feature that allows you to save an item and put in a price you'd be willing to pay for that product. The app would then alert you once it finds that that product drops below that target price.

We also checked Best Buy and Walmart to make sure that the products were priced the way the apps thought they were priced at those competing stores. The apps were accurate.

We also tested the free app, "Shoptopia," but found it was only helpful finding store locations where a product could be found, but we were unable to get the prices for those products.

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