Free high-capacity gun magazines given out in Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. - Free high-capacity gun magazines were given out in Boulder Saturday and the man who gave them out for a donation said they were all given away within 5 minutes.

"What we wanted to do was get as many of those magazines in people's hands as possible that were going to be banned by this because if they get them in their hands before -- they can legally own them," said organizer Savant Suykerbuyk.

The gun magazines were collected from across the country and given away as a peaceful protest against new gun control laws.

Suykerbuyk said he owns nine guns and carries one on him at all times. He worries that the impending magazine limit will impair his ability to protect himself from assailants.

"A lot of people argue that they want to restrict magazines so that bad guys will have to reload more often," he said. "Well, I don't want to have to reload a bunch of times if I have multiple intruders coming into my home."

About 75 people showed up for the event.

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