Former volunteer charged with embezzling more than $350,000 from military nonprofit funds

Ruthann Oppenheim arrested after 2012 audit

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - A former volunteer with the National Guard Foundation of Colorado has been charged with embezzling more than $350,000 from military support funds.

The foundation announced Tuesday that Ruthann Oppenheim, who acted as treasurer from 2009 until the investigation began in 2012, has been arrested and charged in the theft of $350,000 from the non-profit and from the Colorado Military Relief Fund. The relief fund is also administered by the National Guard Foundation.

Board members conducted an internal audit of the foundation’s accounts in February 2012 and discovered the discrepancies that led to Oppenheim’s arrest.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office began investigating Oppenheim immediately, while the foundation cut off Oppenheim’s access to the funds.

"We're deeply sorry this happened,” said Andrew Meverden, chairperson of the foundation. “Our top priority is to protect the funds so that eligible Colorado families of deployed military service members continue to receive the help they need, when they need it. Fortunately no eligible military service member or family was turned down or didn't receive financial assistance despite the missing funds.”

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