Former daycare operator Joseph Renander convicted of sexual assault of a child, again

GOLDEN, Colo. - For the second time, a former daycare director and teacher has been convicted of sexually assaulting six little girls between 2000 and 2005.

Joseph Renander, 37, was first convicted in April 2006 but the Court of Appeals reversed the judgment in August, saying the original trial court failed to give the jury a required instruction before deliberations began. After the two-week-long retrial, the new jury deliberated for less than a day before finding Renander guilty.

Renander was found guilty of sexually assaulting the girls at daycare centers he operated in Golden and Lakewood.  

All six victims, who are now teenagers, had to testify during the new trial. In his own defense, Renander told jurors he was writing books about how to keep parents and children safe from predators.

Renander was originally sentenced to 78 years or more in prison for this case. His sentencing in the retrial is scheduled for June 13.

He was also been convicted of possession of child pornography in 2006 and of sexual exploitation of a child in 2007. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison in that case, which involved photos of some of the children who were at his daycare center.

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