Former CU lineman Alex Lewis sentenced to 45 days in jail, probation for assault on Air Force cadet

Judge: Lewis can finish semester at Nebraska

BOULDER, Colo. - A Boulder County District Court judge has sentenced former CU football player Alex Lewis to 45 days in jail and to probation for his role in the assault of an Air Force Academy cadet last May.

Witnesses told police that the cadet, Lee Bussey, was knocked unconscious, when Lewis  repeatedly shoved the victim’s head into a brick wall following a confrontation.

Judge Patrick Butler told Lewis that he had "no doubt" that the problem was 100 percent related to alcohol.

Butler said, "If I bumped into someone, I wouldn't call the women derogatory names. I wouldn't shove someone into a wall. I would say, 'Excuse me.'"

Lewis' attorney, Gary Lozow, told the court that Bussey had three or four prior concussions before that incident.

He said Lewis was on his way home from a party and that Bussey and the people he was with were still partying.

"Everyone had been drinking," Lozow said. "One witness had him (Lewis) hitting (Bussey’s) head. Another had (Former CU quarterback Jordan) Webb doing it."

The judge noted that Lewis had no previous history with law enforcement or the courts. He said the case warranted probation, but also punishment.

"You are still minimizing stuff. It was more than just a couple of pushes," Butler said. "Yes, Lee Bussey might have had previous concussions, but this one was the one that broke the camel's back."

Bussey is still suffering from the last concussion.

Lewis has enrolled at the University of Nebraska.

The judge said he would allow Lewis to complete his semester there before returning to Boulder in May to begin serving his jail sentence.

Webb was sentenced to probation and 20 days of community service for his role in the confrontation.

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