Forest Service rangers spending time, resources cleaning up illegal dumps on public lands

DURANGO, Colo. - Rangers at Colorado’s Forest Service say they spend precious time and resources cleaning up illegal dumps on public lands.

Columbine district ranger Matt Janowiak says his district spends about $2,000 a year in landfill fees alone. The cost of labor and transportation isn't included.

According to the Durango Herald, castoffs include old vehicles, refrigerators, water heaters, couches and electronics. People tend to dump items on the outskirts of cities and towns, where they think they won’t be caught, Janowiak told the newspaper.

“There are people who take an old television into the woods for target practice,” Janowiak told the newspaper.

Janowiak said the most memorable item they found was a commercial refrigerating beer case that still had beer inside it, the newspaper reports.

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