Flooding in Boulder County, Colorado: 326 unaccounted for as of Sunday afternoon

Fog and rain has a fleet of Chinooks and Blackhawks grounded in Boulder Monday morning, but the weather cleared enough to allow rescue missions to resume by midday.

Residents who are in the impacted flood areas and need to be evacuated by air can signal helicopters passing overhead by:

- Waving a large, light colored cloth or sheet
- Placing a large, light colored cloth or sheet on the roof of the house
- Waving flares
- Using mirrors to reflect/flash sunlight
- Lighting safe/controlled signal fires

Residents evacuated by helicopter are being asked to have a "go-bag" prepared to take with them that contains any medications, clothes and/or other necessary items

Residents should stand a safe distance away from where the helicopter will be landing. Rescue personnel will signal residents when it is safe to approach the aircraft.

-- 326 Unaccounted For In Boulder County -- 

After swelling to a peak of 431 entries, Boulder County's list of uncounted for persons contains 212 entries for families, couples and individuals. The list contains 326 total names.

Hundreds more are on a similar list in Larimer County.

Sheriff Pelle's office has confirmed three deaths within Boulder County so far. Two deaths were discovered Thursday and one was confirmed Friday after previously being reported missing.

Including the two who are presumed dead, the toll of the flooding statewide is six people.

In addition to a cost of lives, Boulder County is also dealing with loss of property and infrastructure. The City of Boulder is fielding reports from residents that water or sewage is backing up into their homes.

In most cases, the city says, the backup is groundwater and not sewage. However, anyone who sees or smells solid waste is advised to evacuate and report the backup to the Emergency Call Center at 303-413-7730.

-- BVSD closed Monday --

All Boulder Valley Schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday as Boulder County continues to deal with severe flooding.

Superintendent Bruce Messinger reports some flooding-related concerns are being addressed by the district and outside contractors. With travel in parts of that district limited and many families evacuated to other areas, he said a decision about the schedule for the rest of the week will be announced Tuesday.

"We will be as responsive and flexible as possible to help accommodate the many and varied needs. I do believe a key element of recovery is to open schools as soon as possible," Messinger said.

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