Flooding hits Lyons businesses hard

Hundreds of employees out of work

LYONS, Colo. - People in Lyons were allowed to spend the night in their homes Monday for the first time since the flooding.

Now they face what they call the "domino effect" from the storm damage.

"It's just one day at a time, one table at a time," said Debbie Anderson of Lyons Fork Restaurant.

Around Lyons, that's become a sort of a mantra for folks like Debbie Anderson.

"When I start thinking about the great big picture, for our business, my family, our friends, it's a lot," Anderson said.

It's "a lot" because, like most every other business owner in Lyons, Anderson doesn't have flood insurance. She's looking at $40,000 in damages to her restaurant, a hard hit for a "mom and pop" shop headed into winter.

"I pray for all of these businesses, not just me, everybody that we can pull through," Anderson said.

Just two square feet saved the Spirit Hound Distillery from that same fate.

"About two square feet of our property was within the hundred year flood plan," said owner, Matthew Rooney.

The building is covered by flood insurance, but all the damage inside is not.

"The lost income is not covered and so there's a domino effect," Rooney said.

Between the two businesses, about 30 people are out of work. Progress is slow in the small town, which still has no gas, water or electricity.

"We're completely starting over with a two-week window to rebuild," Rooney said.

Downtown is more like a ghost town, but these people are determined to bounce back.

"We're gonna pull together, that's what we're gonna do," Anderson vowed. "The town has been great and -- if anything -- this whole disaster has brought out a sense of community."

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