Flood warning: South Platte River expected to rise about 2 feet near Kersey

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - A flood warning is in effect for the Kersey area in Weld County Tuesday.

The South Platte River is forecast to rise about two feet as water from Sunday's rain continues to move down the river and its tributaries, the National Weather Service said.

The flood warning continues through Tuesday evening to late Tuesday night, or until the water level flows below flood stage.

Flood stage is 10 feet. At that point, "considerable lowland and meadow flooding occurs," according to the NWS.

The river was at 8.2 feet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, the NWS reported.

"Water is at the base of several bridges in the area," the NWS statement said.

High water levels may flood areas where the bank has been eroded or where flowing water carved channels during earlier flooding.

People in the area are encouraged to take precautionary measures. Do not drive into areas where the water covers the roadway -- it may be deeper than it looks.

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