Flood danger: Second voluntary evacuation notice issued in Greeley

First notice sent Sunday night, 2nd Monday PM

GREELEY, Colo. - A second voluntary evacuation notice was issued for part of Greeley Monday afternoon, due to water rising in a neighborhood beside the Cache la Poudre River.

The new voluntary evacuation area was announced at 5 p.m. by City of Greeley Street Superintendent Jerry Pickett. The area is bounded by 5th Street on the north, 7th Street on the south, 6th Avenue on the west and the Poudre River on the east.

"We're sitting here watching our home and our lives go under water," said Tomey Alvarado, who lives near the intersection of 5th St. and 5th Ave., just west of the River.

Her home was surrounded by about half a foot of water as of Monday evening and about 3 inches of water had leaked into her basement. Across the street, neighbors stacked sandbags to try to prevent their own property from flooding.

Alvarado said her family of four was advised to leave but did not know where to go.

In the same neighborhood, people canoed on the lake of water that was up to five feet deep in some places on the road. Construction supply store DBE Manufacturing had about 10 inches of water in their facility, and the owners estimated about half a million dollars in damages.

"We had a crew overnight manning pumps, making sure they were running 24/7," said Brent Kerksiek, whose runs the business with his father and sister. "They just couldn't keep up with Mother Nature."

Sunday night, the Greeley Fire Department issued the initial voluntary evacuation notice for all residences and businesses within these approximate boundaries: F Street on the north; 2nd Street on the south; 35th Avenue on the west; and 25th Avenue on the east (25th Avenue is not a through street—this boundary would align with 25th Avenue). 

About 200 homes and businesses in the evacuation area got that first emergency notification call.

Additional street closures:

  • 5th Street from Hwy 85 to 5th Avenue
  • 6th Avenue from the Poudre Bridge to 3rd Street
  • 71st Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 83rd Avenue at the Poudre River
  • 95th Avenue at the Poudre River

Additional trail/park closures:

  • The one section of the Poudre River Trail in Greeley that was not closed up until this point is now closed to public access. The trail is now closed from 11th Avenue in Greeley west through Windsor.
  • Rover Run Dog Park is closed until further notice.
  • Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery in Greeley is also closed to public access.
  • The Poudre Trail parking lot, trail head and open space at 71st Avenue are closed.

"The Poudre River upstream from and in Greeley rose Saturday and overnight until just after noon on Sunday," officials said. "That crest continues to move through Greeley and it is anticipated that flood prone areas within the city will see higher water over the next several hours as gravel pits, farm land and other low lying areas fill and overflow." 

"Upstream monitoring indicates that the current river levels will not drop in Greeley for the next several hours," officials said at 11 p.m. 

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