Flights delayed, canceled between Denver International Airport and LAX

Increased police presence at DIA

DENVER - As of Friday afternoon, at least a dozen flights flying between LAX and Denver were delayed or canceled because of the deadly shooting.

Frontier Airlines flies into Terminal 3, where the shooting happened Friday morning. The airline tweeted around 1 p.m. "All flights in/out of LAX for today have been suspended."

Several airlines including United, American and Southwest all fly into the airport. Southwest and Frontier were the first to start canceling the flights around noon. Some passengers headed to California were hopeful to still leave today. 7NEWS talked Brian Schoonober at noon. At that time his 3:40 p.m. flight to LAX was still scheduled to depart.

"It says it’s on time now, so maybe I can get on it still," Schoonober said. An hour later, his flight was canceled.

7NEWS talked to Jody Morgan from Denver, who landed at LAX moments after the shooting. Morgan left at 8:30 Friday morning from DIA on a Southwest flight. She explained over the phone what a passenger near her saw as they landed in LA.

"One of the passengers on the plane when we were flying in saw emergency personnel. She saw police cars and she knew, she goes 'something’s not right, I’ve never seen that before,'" Morgan explained.

When Reporter Lindsey Sablan talked to Morgan it had been four hours after the shooting, and Morgan was still at the terminal on lockdown with hundreds of other passengers. She said they had ran out of water and had heard the Red Cross was going to bring food.

"I’m just going to describe it as organized chaos. We are just in a holding pattern. The passengers that they deplaned, then there’s people that missed flights, we’re just sitting here waiting on news," she said.

Morgan explained everyone was trying to remain patient and sharing stories with one another.

"I met a man who was sitting at a restaurant when the shooter went by and he told me that he and his brother just got up and started running," Morgan said. "I’m telling you I feel very fortunate that I was on an airplane when this all happened because we landed right after it happened. To hear the stories of the people that were fleeing and kids that were separated from their parents and people that left their belongings, it’s  just traumatic experience for so many today."

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Denver International Airport told 7NEWS operations remained normal Friday. A Denver police officer on a bike said they brought in a few more officers to increase police presence.

Spokeswoman Laura Coale told 7NEWS there are armed officers at every checkpoint that is in use as part of their contract with the TSA.

Yet airport officials in Los Angeles admit armed police were removed from the checkpoints several months ago and placed on roving patrols.

They acknowledge that there was no armed security at the checkpoint Friday, but the roving officers were on the Terminal 3 concourse and engaged the shooter after he shot his way through security.

"I think you're going to see more police officers at checkpoints for a short period of time," said airport security consultant Jeff Price

Airport security consultant Jeff Price doesn't expect any wholesale changes to the checkpoint system in Denver or the rest of the country.

"Once we get farther away from this event, and it starts to become more of the memory and what's going on today, the investigation will drive whether there will be long term changes,” said Price.

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