Frontier Airlines flight makes emergency landing at DIA after instrument showed cabin pressure loss

Plane instrument indicated loss of pressurization.

DENVER - A Frontier flight leaving Denver International Airport turned around and returned to make an emergency landing Monday morning after instruments reflected a loss in pressurization.

The flight was Republic Airlines flight 1557, which was operating as Frontier Airlines.  Ninety-eight passengers and four crew members were aboard the flight heading for San Diego.

According to Republic Airlines spokesman Peter Kowalchuck, the instruments notified the flight crew of the loss in pressurization shortly after departing DIA. The flight crew declared an emergency, as procedure dictates, and returned to Denver without an incident.

According to Kowalchuk, "initial reports of a rapid descent are inaccurate."

Data from shows the plane descended from 28,100 feet  at approximately 12:37 p.m. to 18,600 feet approximately five minutes later.

7NEWS contacted a spokesman for the FAA, who described it as a normal descent and landing.

The aircraft is being inspected, Kowalchuck said.

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