Flight home from Hawaii is repeatedly canceled, revealing problem with Allegiant's 757 fleet

DENVER - The repeated cancellations of a Colorado family's flight home from Hawaii revealed a series of troubles with Allegiant Air's 757 airliners.

Christopher and Kristen Andrews were supposed to catch a flight from Honolulu to Las Vegas on Sunday, before taking a connecting flight on another airline back to Denver. When they they arrived at the Honolulu Airport on Saturday, however, they were told their Allegiant Air flight was delayed.

Hours later, they were told it was canceled.

After getting a notification the flight was to be rescheduled for Sunday, the couple arrived early the next day, only to encounter a similar routine.

The flight was eventually rescheduled for Monday evening and the couple made it home Tuesday morning.

The couple was told their flights were canceled because of mechanical issues involving the airline’s 757s.  

7NEWS has discovered the Andrews are not alone.

Airline officials confirm flights from Honolulu to Mesa, Arizona; Boise, Idaho and Fresno, California were all cancelled for at least a day or two since Friday because of mechanical issues with the 757s.

While the airline has offered vouchers for hotel accommodations, meals and future travel, the couple is frustrated by the lack of information being offered by the carrier.

“A little bit more updating would be nice,” said Christopher Andrews.

“We have gone through every part of the airport because we’ve been there probably 16 hours over the last couple days,” said Kristen Andrews.

Airline spokeswoman Jessica Wheeler told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart, the series of cancellations are a “coincidence,” adding safety is their priority.

We “recognize it’s a significant inconvenience to our passengers, certainly not intentional,” said Wheeler.

The couple only spent about $750 for their two tickets, but the deal is costing them with unpaid days off from work. "It was a great price, but we’re paying for it with our time,” said Kristen Andrews.

Allegiant offers service to Colorado Springs and Grand Junction. Service to Fort Collins was suspended in late 2012.

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