First High Park Fire victims to rebuild in Larimer County are moving in

259 homes destroyed in 2012 fire

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. - Larimer County says it has issued its first certificate of occupancy to a family that has rebuilt after the High Park Fire.

Donna and Ira Baker got the second permit issued for rebuilding, they are the first ones to finish rebuilding. Their home is on Davis Ranch Road in Rist Canyon.

The fire burned 259 homes. County officials said 29 permits for replacement homes have been issued in the burn area which represents 15 percent of the homes lost.

Larimer County’s Recovery Manager Suzanne Bassinger said she is "very heartened" to see the devastation and shock giving way to the hopeful recovery taking place.

"Re-seeding efforts have been astounding. We have the first certificate of occupancy," Bassinger said.
"We’re finding trailers and other living accommodations for those still on their land who lost their homes," she added.
"We’re putting in culverts to mitigate potential flooding during the spring runoff; the water shed is being protected; and a whole lot more has and is being done," Bassinger said.
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