One dead in fiery plane crash near Blackstone Country Club in Douglas County

Police: Public asked to avoid the area

AURORA, Colo. - One person was killed in a small plane crash near Blackstone Country Club in Douglas County, South Metro Fire Rescue confirmed.

The Piper Aerostar 601P crashed near Otero Drive and East Phillips Place in Douglas County, just southeast of Aurora. The Douglas County Sheriff's Department says only one person was on board.

When AIRTRACKER7 flew over the scene, flames were still bursting from the smoking fuselage. Grass around the plane was blackened by the flames.

Firefighters were on scene dousing the flames as they erupted. At least one ambulance is also parked nearby.

By approximately 5:12 p.m., the flames had stopped but the wreckage was still smoking.

Most of the aircraft is in pieces. 

Aurora Police asked people to avoid the area and added that no nearby homes were in danger. The Aurora Fire Department tweeted that they were on scene along with South Metro Fire Rescue.

Firefighters contained the resulting grass fire to about two acres.

Amateur video of the plane taken up to the crash showed it was doing some sort of maneuvers close to the ground.

"He was flying in circles, low over houses doing twirls," said Ryan Huhn was playing golf. "He made four or five rounds and pulled up a couple of times."

"You don't think at all he was in distress?" asked reporter Marc Stewart.

"Not by the way I looked at it," Huhn said. "Honestly it looked a kid trying to have fun in a plane."

"It's horrible. My heart just dropped," one woman said.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration have been called in to investigate the crash. 

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