FEMA dollars falling short for evacuees

FEMA Hotels full, rentals too expensive

LYONS, Colo. - You'd never know it looking at the outside of her Lyons home, but Crysty McCain and her kids are running out of places to go.

"It's unlivable.  They gave me $1,574 and when that's gone, that's it," McCain said.

Their water has ecoli in it and their gas and electricity is still shut off.  The problem is all of the FEMA approved hotels in nearby Longmont are full.

"I even had one FEMA lady say on the phone, well you might have to live out of your car," McCain said.

FEMA has allotted $30 million in housing assistance for flood victims.  Representatives told 7NEWS they're continually working with counties to find more housing solutions but in the meantime evacuees with no place to go should stay in the shelters.

For people like Bobby and Rene Young, that's a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

"The rental assistance is not quite as much as what the landlords are asking for in most cases," Young said.

The Youngs lost their home in the flood.  FEMA has given them $1,000 a month in rental assistance, but finding a month to month rental within that budget is proving to be a challenge.

"That seems a little rough," Young said.

Just when the Young's thought they'd begin settling down, like so many others in Lyons, they're starting over.

"I feel grateful because I'm not homeless, but in the long term, we are," Young said.

Crysty McCain and her kids have a house still, but don't know how long it'll be until they can call it a home again.

"They're worried we're never going to come back ever," McCain said.

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