Fears of gang retaliation prompt high school closures

Talks of retaliation after death of 13 year old

DENVER - Sources have confirmed to 7NEWS fears of gang retaliation over the murder of a 13-year-old Montbello boy prompted two local high schools to release students early Friday afternoon.

Manuel High School and East High School let students go home midday after Denver Police received what they called "credible threats" against the schools.  Police would not elaborate but sources tell 7NEWS the schools received threats of gang retaliation for the murder of Reysean Abram a week ago. 

"There's some stuff on Facebook about somebody being a Crip and they were coming to this school to shoot at some people who were Bloods," said one East High student on Friday.

The threats also caused Manual High School to postpone its homecoming dance which was scheduled for Saturday night.

"We're seeing threats back and forth," said Brother Jeff Fard.

Fard works with troubled youth and said murmurs of retaliation have escalated.  A memorial page created for the teen is peppered with threats.  One read, "we coming for all yu ******!  Believe that...11 days."

"I've been seeing the graffitti going up, I've been hearing the discussions about retaliation and our large message to the community is you know retaliation is not the key because you don't want to send another family through what this one has gone through," Fard said.

Facebook shows a teen both fascinated with and dabbling in gang life.  Ironically, the last video posted on the memorial page revealed another side of the teen, showing an aspiring artist singing about change.

"But I'm afraid to die because I don't know the other side...it's been a long long time comin' but I know change gonna come...yes it will," Abram sings.

Denver Police said they're communicating with Denver Public Schools to determine whether an increased police presence will be needed on Monday when students return to school.


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