7NEWS Exclusive:: 'Trick-or-treat' bandits robbed 9 banks in Denver, Aurora since December 2012

FBI investigating possible motives

DENVER - The FBI confirms to 7NEWS it’s investigating a series of armed bank robberies in the Denver metro area and Aurora.  So far, nine banks have been struck since December 2012 by the "trick-or-treat" bandits, as they are called by investigators.

"One of the individuals carries a large bag around. It looks like a pillowcase as they're collecting money from the bank and putting it in this bag," said Dave Joly, spokesman for the Denver office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The pillowcase is how they earned the "trick-or-treat" bandits nickname.

 The men are well disguised. From face masks to hats and hoodies, these serial bank robbers are well covered, hands included.
The FBI tells 7NEWS there is concern someone will get hurt.

"They're very brazen. The first robbery that occurred back in December of 2012, the individuals actually fired off a couple rounds in the bank lobby," said Joly.

In all of these cases there are at least two men involved, including a driver, said Joly.

These bank robberies are occuring at a time when this type of crime is on the decline.

"It's not your guy who's down on his luck, or has a bill to pay.  It's usually individuals who have a criminal past," said Joly.

The FBI is investigating many possible motivations, including gang initiation.

Here's the string of bank robberies investigators are linking to the robbers:  12/13/2012 - U.S. Bank, East Colfax; 12/7/2012 - Chase Bank, South Colorado; 3/11/2013 - Chase Bank, East 6th Avenue; 3/14/2013 - Wells Fargo Bank, South Monaco St; 3,/27/2013 - First Bank, North Quebec St; 4/11/2013 - First Bank, East Hampton Ave; 4/24/2013 - U.S. Bank, South Broadway; 5/6/2013 - Community Banks of Colorado, East 1st Avenue; 5/15/2013 - Bellco Credit Union, East Cedar Avenue.

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