Father wants alleged killer set free so suspect doesn't get free medical care

Chester Todd accused in Sheri Majors murder

DENVER - The father of a woman who was raped and killed nearly 15 years ago wants authorities to drop charges against the suspect to deny the man free medical treatment.

Chester Todd is accused of killing Everett Donelson's 27-year-old daughter, Sheri Majors, in 1996. Todd is suffering from Parkinson's disease, a nerve disorder that is potentially fatal.

According to the Denver Post, Donelson told a Denver judge he would prefer to see authorities drop charges against his daughter's alleged killer and let him go than see him get the medical treatment he desperately needs.

In 2006, the FBI named Todd as a suspect in a series of killings and rapes at truck stops across the country.

Todd was a truck driver at the time of the slaying. He allegedly abandoned his truck in Iowa shortly after the death of Majors when he learned a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Police learned his whereabouts and arrested him in Las Vegas last year.

Donelson told the newspaper he believes Todd confessed to the murder at a Las Vegas hospital -- 14 years after Majors, the mother of three sons, was killed -- only because he knew he would get good medical care behind bars.

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