Fatal railroad crash is second in Weld County within a year

2 previous crashes reported at same location

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - The fatal pickup truck and train crash in Weld County is actually the second fatality involving a railroad in that county during the past year.

In fact, data queried by 7NEWS from the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis shows there were 16 railroad fatalities in Weld County during the last 20 years. The only Colorado county with more fatalities during that same period was El Paso County, where there were 17 deaths.

The data also showed nine other Colorado counties had railroad fatalities during the last year. Delta, Denver, Douglas, Garfield, Larimer, Mesa, Sedgewick and Yuma Counties each had one fatality. Morgan County had two.

By contrast, the data showed 182 non-fatal incidents during the same 1 year period. Denver County topped the list of non-fatal incidents with a total of 46.

7NEWS also found data that two previous incidents had occurred at the location where Friday's fatality happened. Nobody was injured in a 2002 incident, but a driver was injured in a 1980 incident.

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