Excalibur Event Center closes without warning; families lose deposits

AURORA, Colo. - When Stephanie Molina toured Excalibur Event Center last summer, she thought she had found the perfect place for the most memorable day of her life.

Now, she just wants to forget it.

“Planning a wedding is stressful enough already, and now this,” said Molina.

Molina said she had put down $5,000 for her May wedding, but just over three weeks ago, she got a phone call from Excalibur’s manager, David Mendez.

"He didn't really give an explanation,” said Molina. “He just said the place was closed down, and he would need three weeks before he could give me my money back. And I haven't heard from him since.”

She is not alone, Monica Mena had put down $2,500 for her daughter’s quinceanera and got the same phone call.

“I’m stressed, sad and mad because the person doesn’t answer the phone,” said Mena.

Aimee Vasquez was planning to get married at Excalibur in August and had put down a $1,500 deposit.

She said she didn’t even get a phone call about the closure, but learned about the closure yesterday from her caterer.

We tried to contact Excalibur’s owners, but the numbers listed are all disconnected. They did not respond to Facebook or email messages, either.

Aurora police said they haven’t had any complaints filed against the company, and neither had the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General’s office.

Molina and Mena said they are fighting back by going to small claims court if they can find the owners, and they are hoping others affected will share their stories.

Molina said she had to settle for a place that wasn’t as nice because of the short notice.

"I still have things to pay off for since this set me back and I don't know how I'm going to come up with the money for these things,” said Molina. "If other families want to come out and tell their stories, we need all of them so we can do something with this person."

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