Ex-UPS supervisor accused of stealing iPads and iPad Minis in transit through DIA facility

DENVER - A former night shift supervisor at UPS has been charged with theft in the disappearance of 26 Apple iPads and iPad minis from the company’s cargo facility at Denver International Airport.

Court documents obtained by 7NEWS indicate that the 10 iPads and 16 iPad minis worth $13,288.85 were stolen over a four month period from December 2012 to April 2013.  Because of the complexity of the investigation, the thefts are just now coming to light.

The arrest affidavit indicates that Apple shipped the items to Denver and that the iPads were scanned in at the UPS airport facility, but never reached their intended destinations.

UPS corporate spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg told 7NEWS that the company’s own internal security measures identified the problem.

“We did a thorough investigation,” Rosenberg said, “and turned it over to local law enforcement.”

A company representative told Denver Police the thefts occurred after the items arrived at the UPS building during the night shift, and that Wendell Clark Smith was the night shift supervisor.

Police issued a search warrant to learn more about the stolen items.

Apple told police that Wendell Smith activated one of the iPad minis at an address on Enid Way in Montbello.  The company also told police that two other iPad minis were activated at the same address.

We tried to contact Smith, but the people inside the house refused to answer the door.

A family member told 7NEWS by phone that Smith never talked about the thefts.  She asked how many items were stolen and gasped when the reporter told her 26.

Police have accounted for five of the stolen items.  They say the investigation is ongoing.

Smith was arrested last month and has been charged with theft.  He is due back in court April 7 for a preliminary hearing, to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial.

As of this posting, no arrest photo of Smith has been released.

Rosenberg says Smith is no longer employed by UPS.

Police say this case is not connected to the thefts of packages delivered by UPS and left outside recipients' front doors. 7NEWS reported on that separate case about a month ago.

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