Evans residents face adversity in flood's aftermath

EVANS, Colo. - As water gushes onto the streets of Evans, Gary and Carolyn Ward make the journey out of the flood zone with their lives in shopping bags. Their home of four years is a mess.

"First floor is all slime now," Carolyn told 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart.

It's been a harsh year for the couple.

Carolyn is dealing with breast cancer and Gary lost his job

"And now this," Gary said. "So, it's like what else?"

"Every day seems to be something else," said Carolyn.

"It's been a tough year," Gary added.

While Evans residents cope with widespread damage, there's also a positive spirit in the Ward's neighborhood.

People exchange hugs in the street. Residents salvage what they can, hauling their belongings in wheelbarrows and an inflatable raft.

Neighbor Fred Jackson fires up a mechanical pump to remove water from his flooded home and yard.

"Trying to keep it on an up-tempo. Can't get down," Jackson said.

Gary and Carolyn Ward share that optimism too.

Even as the waters shift, they're staying stable, supported by family and faith.

"Got to get up from here, right," Gary said.

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