Evan Ebel may have killed Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements to repay favor to 211 Crew gang leader

DENVER - The founder of the 211 Crew protected Evan Ebel after a rival prison gang targeted the white supremacist soldier for violence at Sterling Correctional Facility. That left the young gang member with a debt authorities suspect he repaid by killing prisons chief Tom Clements, The Denver Post reports.

FBI and El Paso County investigators have been working for months to piece together the investigation into the murder of Clements and pizza delivery driver Nathan Leon in March.

A source who spoke to The Denver Post on condition of anonymity described details of the investigation contained in sealed court documents. The source has direct access to and knowledge of the documents and the investigation itself.

Investigators now believe they have answers to two key questions raised by the killings: Was Ebel acting alone or under orders? And why did Ebel flee to Texas, where he was killed in a shootout with deputies?

Answers to two other central questions apparently remain elusive: Why was Clements targeted? And did the murder plot involve a Saudi inmate imprisoned in Colorado?

Read more at The Denver Post: http://ch7ne.ws/178ONTz

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